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"It is my attempt to help other creatives and storytellers who wouldn't get the time of day from the traditional media outlets. If I can help people tell the story behind their stories, something they can share with personal and business relationships to help them succeed, I will be happy. In roleplaying advanced literate means that you're the cream of the crop, that you put in the time to develop your prose and deliver a meaningful product that few can compare with. Being literate means you're well versed in a subject, someone I would call a geek. The goal here is to show off people's literacy in their field, and acknowledging the time and effort they've put in to become aspiring professionals." - Taylor Vogt

Taylor Vogt

Editor in Chief

I've been writing prose fiction since I joined an Inuyasha roleplaying guild on Neopets when I was 7. Mentored by Professor Poe in undergrad, entering an MFA at Manhattanville College and 4 books (with two rewrites) later, I am ready to share what I've learned.

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Matthew Benecke

Speculative Fiction Contributor

Matthew John Benecke is a writer of speculative fiction best known for the supernatural book series, Kosmogonia. He has also released two craft beer-centric works: hybrid non-fiction guide, Beer & Fitness, and the Twilight Zone-esque novelette, FOMO.

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Emily Isaacs

Women's Media Contributor

Emily Isaacs is a writer, film producer and ‘cello teacher from Eastbourne, UK. From 2017-9, she produced her first feature while completing a MA at Sussex University. She lives with her husband and her two youngest children, and has two older children at college. 

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Tyler Zeoli

Literary Fantasy Contributor

Tyler's lifelong love for stories and the people who tell them has culminated in a Creative Writing Major at Pace University, where he won an award for his urban fantasy short story The Devil's in The Details. 

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Evelyn Richards

Literary Contributor

Evelyn is an English Literature student and freelance writer from London. She blogs about mental health, cooking, and books. Evelyn hopes one day to work in publishing.

  • https://evelynrichards.blog/
  • https://twitter.com/eveIynrichards



Motivational Contributor

S. Collins is a great fan of romance and fantasy, currently living beneath a pile of books she’s using
for her dissertation (as well as a primitive shield against her final exams). She has written one book
and contributed to four more.

  • https://litlangislife.wordpress.com/
  • https://twitter.com/LitLangIsLife

Em Palladino

Narrative Media Contributor

"Em Palladino is a creator of diverse narratives in fiction, games and beyond, with a BFA in Game Design from NYU and a prospective MFA from Manhattanville College. She hopes to someday turn those degrees into money, instead of the other way around."

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